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【藝術座談 精華分享 | 《 初始 • 如一 :吳佳樺展 》 藝評家- 張禮豪 X 藝術家 - 吳佳樺
【藝術座談 精華分享 | 初始 • 如一 :吳佳樺展 藝評家- 張禮豪 X 藝術家 - 吳佳樺 】

00:00【藝術座談 精華分享 | 初始 • 如一 】
00:26 從抽象表現主義與谿山行旅
02:15 吳佳樺 "砌金"、"磊銀"
02:58 超越幾何

03:43 從創作的形式
05:04 藝術的崇高性

馬列維奇(Kazimir Malevich,1879-1935)的正方形、吉原治良(Yoshihara Jiro, 1905-1972)的圓形,霍剛(Ho Kan ,1932-)的幾何抽象,與吳佳樺的砌金、磊銀的山系列作品,它是幾何,但又超越幾何,透過幾何和顏色與觀者相呼應,讓身體親自感受⋯吳佳樺與其他藝術家截然不同的創作風格。

--- 藝評家 張禮豪

【 藝評家 - 張禮豪 / 1977- 】

曾先後擔任 "Artitude藝外" 與 " Art Plus " 藝術雜誌副總編輯 ,"典藏投資 " 主編 、"典藏古美術 " 主編 、"典藏今藝術 " 採訪編輯。


【藝術家 - 吳佳樺 / 1977- 】



【Essence Sharing of Art Forum | "Initial • Consistent: Wu Chia-Hua Exhibition" Art Critic - Chang Li-Hao X Artist - Wu Chia-Hua 】

The square of Kazimir Malevich (1879-1935), the circle of Yoshihara Jiro (1905-1972), the geometric abstraction of Ho Kan (1932-), and the golden brickwork and silver brickwork mountains of Wu Chia-Hua.The works of the Mountain series seems are geometric, but they transcend geometry. The audiences feel the color of geometry in personally......Wu's creative style of artworks is completely defferent from other artists.

By Art Critic - Chang Li-Hao

"Art Critic - Chang Li-Hao / 1977-"

Professional Experiences:
Long-term focus on the development and market of modern Chinese paintings and Asian contemporary art. Chang’s articles and photos generally publish on newspaper, also art, design and financial magazines.

"The Artist - Wu Chia-Hua / 1977-"

Graduated from the Graduate School of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University and the National Institute of the Arts (currently renamed as Taipei National University of the Arts), Wu has accumulated and refined his works over the past decade, presenting the gold and silver series in the form of towering mountains and peaks emerging from the illusionary void.

The mountains are the center of thoughts and a scared symbol of many cultures. They coexist with the sky and one can hardly see their true form, with their peaks hidden in the clouds. The space between image and self-introspection is the realm of sublimation of the human mind.
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