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【 幻想與真實-當代女性的存在之境 |Artist 吳麗玉 創作影片 】- 中英文版
【 幻想與真實-當代女性的存在之境 |Artist 吳麗玉 創作影片 】
Fantasy and Reality - The Realm of Contemporary Women's Existence| Artist Liyu Wu Film

Liyu Wu has created a modern model of women. They know more about self-independence, they do not feel lonely because they are alone, and for them happiness is to seek from within.

|紐約策展人 西奧多
Curator - Theodore Centrell

Liyu’s latest works display her never-ending quest to portray what it is to be a woman living in our “dissonance age”. Like her previous works, they use her emotionally charged colors contained within linear reliefs to create a world of the inside and outside.These relief sculpture-like forms create a flowing line that modulates and repeats itself across the surface of the painting, much like a musical score.

|知名藝市學專家 黃河
Well-known art market expert
Walasse Huang

吳麗玉打破了平面和立體的界線,她的色彩完完全全的超越野獸派大師 #馬諦斯 Henri Matisse (1869 ~1954) ,無論是人物或是靜物、具象或抽象 她都掌握的非常好,這樣子的藝術家在台灣也是僅有的一個。
Liyu Wu breaks the line between flat and three-dimensional.Her colors are completely beyond the Fauvism master of Henri Matisse.(1869 ~ 1954),You see her whether it's a figure or a still life.Figurative or abstract. She mastered it very well.This is the only artist of this kind in Taiwan.
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