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榮膺2008年英國全國美展優選、2011年自由人基金會亞洲藝術家獎,2012年NYC Artists Wanted Organization舉辦的Self A Creative Competition 一百名優秀藝術家奬。
2014、2015獲得國藝會和文化部補助國際交流展覽。2018年紐西蘭纖維藝術展優選,2019年與藝術家Tiffany Singh 共同獲得紐西蘭文化部國際藝術家合作獎。



CHANG Jui-Pin, born in Hsinchu, she received a B.F.A degree at Taipei National University of the Arts and further her studies at UC Irvine in California, U.S. She had held exhibitions locally and internationally, and received numerous prizes. Chang has participated in prestigious Artist Residencies across Europe, the United States and Asia region.
Chang’s work explores social issues, such as social media and online surveillance. She also creates works with themes to eliminate the fear of life and reinforce the quest for "love".
In 2006, she developed the "Bucket Men" series, which draw the inspiration from daily life and dreams. Her works apply the unique and asexual Bucket as facial appearance for her characters to represent human. Thus, Chang creates conversation between classical paintings and current events, expresses her inner fear and longing for love. In 2013, Chang launched "banknote" series, reflecting on economy, power, desire and capitalism influence on society, Since 2015, most of her works have emphasized on "Desire and Love", to examine the relationship between money, social status and cyber relationship.
Her 2020 ‘isolation series’ inspired by the black ice she visited during her artist residency in Iceland, Chang decided to paint a large close up of it. In doing so, she incorporates many characters and emotions into the image, reflected the feelings of instability, loneliness and isolation reflected her experience during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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